Art is an expression of the creative eye. The one thing that is unique to each artist as we take the world in our eyes and translate it through our work. Photography is my platform and my expression of what is at my very core.

Since I was crawling, my parents had taken me camping, bringing me back home blackened with dirt. These trips built up the love and personal connection that I have with nature. As I grew a little older, I would wake up before sunrise with my mother to photograph wildlife in Rocky Mountain National Park. Along the way I would try to steal her camera to sneak in a couple of shots but still too young to be trusted to handle expensive equipment. These moments are what began to develop my love for photography and being outdoors. 

When I was 17 I received a pocket camera and during a trip to Rhode Island  I began to take pictures for myself again. With the results, I was encouraged to pursue it. I have been documenting my love for travel, nature, and the beauty of life around me ever since. I have spent time exploring many states including Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. But my travels have also expanded outside the US and into the Caribbean and New Zealand so far.

I would say though, I have really been developing and honing in on my artistic eye for the past 5 years. There's something about the connection between the camera, the world, and I that is unrivaled to anything else. It's something that vibrates in my soul. I hope that my viewers can get a sense of the emotion and story within each picture I take.

Thank you for visiting
- Corey